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In the unstoppable rush of modern life, it’s easy to lose sight of who we truly are.
In INDI, we believe there’s an alternative.
Be You is not just a mere slogan; it’s a passionate call to celebrate authenticity.
Be You is an invitation to be yourself, without fear of judgment or prejudice. It’s a reminder that your authenticity is your strength.

We proudly stand out by being ourselves, even if it means being different.
We each have our own world to explore, and a journey into the world is also a journey into ourselves. Everywhere you look, there are people being true to
who they are, making our world diverse and interesting with their unique stories.

At INDI, we connect people traveling with locals, to meet new people, learn about new cultures, make new friends, rediscover old passions, and conquer new horizons.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of being unapologetically, authentically YOU.


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Meet an Indi

Indi is the app that connects locals and travelers 
and let you live unique experiences.

Explore a new city through the eyes of a local.
Meet people with shared passions.

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    Indi or Explorer?

    An INDI is a local who can offer a variety of experiences in their city
    and can’t wait to meet people from every corner of the world.

    An ‘Explorer’ is a traveler who seeks to connect with locals for an authentic experience,
    and they can easily book an Indi through the app to discover the true essence of a place.

    Find friends online, meet offline

    Find new friends with shared passions.
    It’s easy to match thanks to interest filters on your Indi profile.

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